AT Program Development Series

Group Consult # 1

Topics: Mission/purpose, population, strategic planning/vision, ethics (General Policies and Procedures manual outline)

Date: February 12 @ 11-12:30 eastern

Group Consult # 2

Topic: Risk management – hazard assessment and risk analysis, managing risks from environment, activities or participants, documenting and analyzing incidents and near misses (Operations Policy and Procedure Manual, Risk Management section)

Date: February 26 @ 11-12:30 eastern

Group Consult # 3

Topic: Defining clinical approach, intake practices, managing clinical behaviors, and intervention planning (Clinical Policy and Procedure manual)

Date: March 12 @11-12:30 eastern

Group Consult # 4

Topic: Deciding what activities to offer, policy and procedure development for activities, equipment management, partnering with third party contractors (Operations Policy and Procedure, activities section)

Date: March 26 @ 11-12:30 eastern

Group Consult # 5

Topic: Duty of care, types of emergencies, emergency action plans, serious incident protocols (Operations Policy and Procedure, EAP section)

Date: April 9 @ 11-12:30 eastern

Group Consult # 6

Topic: Logistics including nutrition, water, medication management, hygiene, and transportation (Operations Policy and Procedure, logistics section) plus closing up.

Date: April 23 @11-12:30 eastern

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