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Why We Need Adventure

If you found out today that you were going to be assigned to work with a new co-therapist, my guess is that you would probably have a LOT of questions. What questions would you have about them?  Perhaps, you might  want to get an understanding of their style of facilitation, their approach to client behaviors, […]

Adding Nuance with Props

From Metaphor to Magic In my previous post (Action into Metaphor) I talked about how Action Archetypes can be a great way to find a simple isomorph without having to have a large selection of “back pocket” activities available.  That idea serves as a foundation to this post’s topic:  developing richer isomorphs by intentionally selecting […]

Action into Metaphor

Archetypal Actions in Adventure Therapy By now, if you’ve been following this blog, you might be seeing a theme.  It’s my belief that adventure activities can be pretty easily consolidated into a few consistent elements, and each element has about 8 or 9 archetypes that can be applied to almost any activity.  Games can be […]

Archetypes of Adventure: Activity Objectives

My last post discussed the way that I approach the invention, adaptation and conceptualization of Adventure Activities.  I proposed that adventure activities follow a universal theme including an objective, an action, a way to use props, and limitations of group members. Several archetypes of each element exist, and they will be explained in detail over […]