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Adventure Therapy Program development Series

Taught by Kim Sacksteder

This series of SIX courses walks you through the steps necessary to develop the Adventure Therapy program of your dreams! Learn about the behind-the-scenes practices that allow your program to provide Adventure Therapy services. You can sign up for courses individually or take as a whole series.

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A-T PRO Webinar Library

These 90-minute live webinars are available for $25 each! All A-T Pro Webinars are available for A-T PRO members for free! These webinars are recorded for future viewing. By participating live, you consent to this use. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to contact the instructor.

Talking with Clients about Adventure Therapy

One of our key tasks as an Adventure Therapy practitioner is to explain AT to clients. Initially, it can be difficult to find the language to help others understand what this intervention is all about. We begin by honing in on your definition of AT and then we explore considerations for the optimum ways to engage others in the process. We will explore research on common factors, Wampold’s contextual model, and how this applies to adventure therapy. 

Activities for Processing AT Experiences

While the interventions that AT practitioners select are an important part of the puzzle, a lot of the magic of AT sessions can be missed without focusing on processing the clients’ experiences.
This webinar will share several activities and strategies that can be used to turn the theoretical models of processing in experiential education into fun, engaging, and informative therapeutic tools. 

Next Steps: Enhancing Walk and Talk Sessions

Have you wondered how to take your walk and talk interventions to the next level? This webinar focuses on how to enhance your walk and talk sessions with clinical intention and creative approaches! We will explore the clinical application of walking and engaging in outdoor spaces. 

Integrating Adventure Therapy into Trauma Treatment

This webinar explores using AT effectively when treating trauma, especially with youth. Learn to develop interventions based on our understanding of how the brain works. Review the principles of a current framework for trauma treatment (Blaustein and Kinniburgh’s ARC Model) and how adventure can be integrated within these frameworks.

Managing Crisis in Adventure Therapy: Using Practice Scenarios to Understand Emergency Response

In this training, we review basic concepts around preparedness for emergency response, accessing resources in an emergency, and components of an emergency response plan. We will analyze some case examples to illustrate emergency response in both physical and clinical emergencies. Finally, we will apply what we’ve learned by working through scenarios to practice putting ERP’s into action!

Navigating Liability Insurance for AT Practice

Many questions emerge about what types of liability insurance you need in order to provide adventure therapy. This webinar addresses the main considerations for obtaining liability insurance and will help guide you in making the right choices for your practice. Course content includes understanding types of liability insurance, roles in the insurance industry, and strategies for obtaining liability insurance.

Permitting and Land Use for Adventure Therapists

Adventure therapists often use public land in their work. Understanding the rules and expectations for operating a business on public lands can be difficult, as these rules vary for each location and for different types of businesses. This webinar explores the issues at play in obtaining permission for land use and offers strategies for approaching the process. 

Intervention Choices: Matching Interventions with Clinical Intent

Adventure therapy interventions rely on using both activity and reflection to support our clients in reaching their treatment goals. We work hard to be intentional in this process, selecting and customizing interventions to be the best fit for our clients. This webinar provides a framework for selecting and customizing activities to match our clinical intent. 

Frameworks for Processing Adventure Therapy Experiences

Being intentional when selecting our methods for process experiences is a fundamental skill in adventure therapy practice. Throughout adventure therapy literature, multiple frameworks are introduced to enhance our efforts to support clients in making meaning about their experiences and achieving the growth they seek through their work with us. In this webinar, we explore these frameworks and discuss strategies for using them intentionally in practice!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland: Winter Considerations For Adventure Therapists

Winter weather has many implications for adventure therapy practice. It can be a barrier to services, and it can also bring new opportunities for intervention! In this webinar, we explore a number of considerations for wintertime adventures! The will include risk management, intervention strategies, and sequencing client experiences to optimize clinical benefit.

Are Your Ducks In A Row? A Check Up For Your AT Practice

Taking the first steps as an adventure therapy practitioner can be exciting yet daunting. Do you have the appropriate foundation for getting started? Would you benefit from checking in about what the industry standards are for practice? In this webinar, we review the key building blocks for getting started with adventure therapy practice as we go over a getting started checklist and answer your questions about this process! 

Insurance Coding and Billing for Adventure Therapy Sessions

Accessibility is a commonly known goal among adventure therapists in private practice and nonprofits alike. One go-to answer is to accept the commercial insurance plans for reimbursement but this comes along with rules that are often challenging to find and sometimes downright impossible to understand. Insurance companies don’t make it easy. In this webinar, Lynette will share the basics of networking with and billing insurance for reimbursement, and how this relates specifically to the practice of providing adventure therapy. Taught by Lynette Spencer