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Welcome to Adventure Therapist!

Our goal is to serve as a resource and a virtual home for anyone who is interested in Adventure Therapy.  By sharing resources and providing training and consulting, we hope to ‘build a bigger boat’ for Adventure Therapy practitioners. We believe that Adventure Therapy is a powerful approach for healing and it is our aim to increase both the quantity and quality of Adventure Therapists through education and mentorship. We do this in three main ways:

Mentorship Matters!

So many practitioners in the world of Adventure Therapy experience a sense of professional isolation.  While there are amazing communities of practice, it can be common to struggle to find a local connection to other professionals that understand and support your efforts to develop your Adventure Therapy practice.  Adventure Therapist. LLC was founded with the intention of providing needed connection and meaningful guidance to those who are feeling this sense of professional isolation. In fact, both of us have powerful stories that attest to the importance of mentorship in our lives and we thrive in creating those relationships of guidance, support and connection with our mentees and community.

Nick Magle-Haberek, MS, MSW, LCSW, CCAT

Co-Owner Adventure Therapist

Nick’s love of adventure and the outdoors has been lifelong. He grew up on a small farm in Rhode Island, and later attended the University of Maine, where he fell in love with the field of Outdoor Education. During his time at University of Maine, Nick developed the first of several meaningful relationships with mentors who encouraged him to pursue the field of Wilderness Therapy. After graduating, Nick followed this advice and moved to Utah to work as a field guide for a wilderness therapy program. He spent the winters skiing the amazing Utah powder. Nick followed his passion for Wilderness Therapy and Outdoor Education to the University of New Hampshire where he earned a Masters Degree in Outdoor Education and a Master of Social Work degree. Nick’s experience with Adventure Therapy practice is broad, and he has served as a field guide, facilitator, therapist, clinical supervisor, program manager, consultant and clinical director. Nick has been involved in the creation, implementation and refinement of a variety of adventure and wilderness therapy programs and has been an active presenter, developer and leader in adventure therapy communities.

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Kim Sacksteder, MSW, LISW-SV, CCAT

Co-Owner Adventure Therapist

Growing up in rural western Ohio, Kim developed both a love of the outdoors and a passion for helping youth. She took these with her to Columbus, Ohio where she earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Social Work at The Ohio State University. Throughout her education, Kim worked in the mental health field gaining experience supporting youth with mental health needs and trauma. In this work, she realized the effectiveness of activity in engaging youth and found adventure therapy. In 1999, Kim was hired to build an adventure therapy program at Camp Mary Orton. In this capacity, the importance of mentors and a professional network were highlighted as she found herself on an “island” of adventure therapy in Ohio. She became involved with AEE’s Therapeutic Adventure Professionals Group and was lucky to find her “professional home.” For Kim, this experience created a drive to increase access to training and mentorship for emerging adventure therapy professionals, many of whom find themselves on professional islands as well. Over the next 20 years, Kim gained experience in many aspects of adventure therapy – direct practice with diverse population groups, program development and management of community-based adventure therapy programs, training and supervision for emerging professionals, and leadership within professional organizations. In addition to this, Kim has served AEE as TAPG Best Practices Committee Chair, TAPG Leadership Council Secretary and Chair, and AEE Accreditation Council Member. As co-owner of Adventure Therapist, LLC, Kim is excited to provide adventure therapy training for professionals looking to incorporate adventure into their work!

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