A Model for Adventure Therapy Practice: The Facilitated Wave

  • Course level: All Levels
  • Duration 1h
  • Last Update November 30, 2022


The Facilitated Wave Model is a model for adventure therapy practice that can be applied to any treatment context! This training is the first in a series that will be provided by Tony Alvarez and Gary Stauffer intended to illuminate the contents of the new book, Adventure Group Psychotherapy: An Experiential Approach to Treatment, that they co-authored with Maurie Lung, Kim Sacksteder, Bobbi Beale, and Anita Tucker. This hour-long video describes the clinical process of all forms of adventure therapy interventions. Participants will learn about: 1) assessing their clients, as well as the therapeutic environment to begin the process, 2) matching appropriate interventions based on that assessment, 3) shaping the therapeutic environment,  4) facilitating the selected interventions, 5) guiding the learning throughout this process, and 6) evaluating the process that we intentionally put  together. These six steps are the guide to effective application of adventure therapy.

Course Outline

  • Overview of the Facilitated Wave Model
  • Assessment in the context of adventure therapy interventions
  • Matching appropriate interventions with one’s assessment
  • Shaping the therapeutic environment
  • Facilitating the experience
  • Guiding the learning throughout the process
  • Evaluating the process that has unfolded

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Target Audience

  • This course is designed for all levels of practitioner seeking to incorporate adventure into their practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the natural process of life experience
  • See the vision for mirroring the natural process of life experience in the interventions they facilitate
  • Know the six components of the Facilitated Wave model used to define clinical applications of adventure therapy
  • Understand how each of the six components of the Facilitated Wave model fit together in effective practice of adventure therapy


  • 1.0 hour of CCAT credit is offered upon completion of the full course and evaluation. Evaluations are completed as a lesson at the end of each course. Completion of the evaluation is required to be issued a certificate. The certificate will be available for download upon marking each lesson complete, completion of the evaluation, then marking the course complete.

CCAT Hours

  • Conceptual Knowledge of AT: 1 hrs.

Course Format

  • This course is presented as a pre-recorded, asynchronous video
  • Video recorded on: 23/03/2021


If accommodations are requested for this course, please submit requests to [email protected]