Adventure Therapy Intensive

  • Course level: Beginner
  • Duration 60h
  • Last Update September 20, 2022


October 3-8, 2022: Early Bird Rate Ends September 30.

Approved for 30 CE units for social workers and counselors.

This training is designed to cover the primary core training elements needed to begin adventure therapy practice. Built around AEE’s Certified Clinical Adventure Therapist (CCAT) training structure, we’ve designed this training to meet 60 of the 75 required core training hours needed for your CCAT application. The content will span multiple aspects of AT practice: foundations, assessment, intervention, facilitation, technical skills, administration, ethics and values, monitoring, and more! Participants will gain a solid foundation in a model for the clinical practice of adventure therapy.

The course is centered around a 6-day, 50 hour, in-person intensive located at the beautiful Camp Mary Orton in Columbus, OH. The additional 10 hours of course content will be conducted virtually prior to this 6-day program. Participants will be trained in the clinical and technical skills needed to conduct accessible adventure interventions including games, initiatives, hiking, creeking, outdoor cooking, firebuilding, and orienteering. This course includes one night of overnight camping. Lunch and snacks will be provided. 

Register before September 2nd to receive the Early Bird Registration rate! This training has a minimum participant number of 6 participants. The decision will be made by September 5th about whether or not the course will be held. If the course is canceled by Adventure Therapist, LCC, registrants will be refunded their full deposit. 

Program Dates (all times in US Eastern)

Sept 2Early Bird Registration Deadline 
Sept 5
Cancellation Date if minimum enrollment is not met
Sept 12-Oct 3Complete pre-course virtual training (8 hours)
Content opens Sept 12.
Sept 19Orientation 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (live zoom meeting)
Oct 3AT Intensive Day One: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Oct 4AT Intensive Day Two: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Oct 5AT Intensive Day Three: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Oct 6AT Intensive Day Four: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Oct 7AT Intensive Day Five: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm (Overnight Camping)
Oct 8AT Intensive Day Six: 7:00 am – 12:00 pm

Course Outline

  • Orientation (2.0) Virtual / Live 
    • Overview of course and concepts
    • Preparing for the AT Intensive
  • Introduction to Adventure Therapy (3.0) Virtual Asynchronous
    • Adventure Therapy Foundations
    • Adventure Therapy Models
    • Who Showed Up? Assessment and Activity Selection
    • Facilitating the Adventure
    • Integrating Adventure Therapy into your Practice: Next Steps
  • Model for Practice: The Facilitated Wave (1.0) Virtual Asynchronous
    • Overview of the Facilitated Wave Model
    • Assessment in the context of adventure therapy interventions
    • Matching appropriate interventions with one’s assessment
    • Shaping the therapeutic environment
    • Facilitating the experience
    • Guiding the learning throughout the process
    • Evaluating the process that has unfolded
  • Adventure Therapy Risk Management and Administration (4.0) Virtual Asynchronous
    • Overview of Merging Adventure and Clinical Practice
    • Duty of Care, Industry Standards, Risk Management, Informed Consent
    • Clinical Responsibilities (ethics, models, intentional practice, documentation)
    • Adventure Responsibilities (training, safety, policy and procedure, emergency response, documentation)
  • AT Intensive (50.0) In-Person / Live
    • Foundations
    • Guiding the Response
    • Assessment
    • Matching
    • Shaping the Environment
    • Facilitating the Experience
    • Evaluation
    • Technical Skills for AT Interventions
      • Activity-Specific
        • Cooperative Games
        • Initiatives
        • Spotting
        • Hiking
        • Creeking
        • Orienteering
        • Outdoor Cooking
        • Campfires
      • Rescue Skills
        • Emergency Response Planning
      • General Skills
        • Client Care
        • Outdoors
        • Environment
        • Basic Land Navigation

About the instructors

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Student Feedback


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I truly truly enjoyed this intensive!

The course is designed to cover so many topics and options for all different types of AT.

This course did a wonderful job of covering all of the AT basics, while also preparing me with the hands-on skills to implement right away with clients. The immersive experience of being a participant and wearing a facilitator hat made it a truly special experience!

Wonderful training, thank you.

Absolutely LOVED this course! I would definitely recommend this anyone that is interested in AT!!!


Material Includes

  • Program Development Assessment
  • Course Booklet with visual learning aids
  • Activity descriptions
  • Draft policies and procedures for activities reviewed

Enrolment validity: 365 days

Target Audience

  • Mental health professionals wanting to learn how to do adventure therapy or who are working toward their CCAT credential.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the foundational concepts, theoretical orientations, and ethics/values that are critical to quality adventure therapy practice.
  • Practice how to plan and implement AT interventions that are based on clinical assessment and case conceptualizations.
  • Explore ways to document, monitor, and evaluate the treatment process and facilitator skills.
  • Know the administrative and risk management expectations and standards involved with using AT in treatment.


  • Early Bird Registration Deadline has been extended!: Register by Sept 30, 2022 to receive the early bird rate of $1250.
  • Cancellation Deadline: If the minimum of 6 participants is not met, we will notify registrants that the course is cancelled by Sept 5, 2022.
  • 60 hours of CCAT credit are offered upon completion of the full course and evaluation. Evaluations are completed as a lesson at the end of each course. Completion of the evaluation is required to be issued a certificate. The certificate will be available for download upon marking each lesson complete, completion of the evaluation, then marking the course complete.
  • Social Workers and Counselors- This workshop has been approved by the NASW Ohio Chapter for 30 CEUs in Ohio. NASW is recognized as a Continuing Education Approver for social work and counselor CEUs by the OCSWMFT Board.

CCAT Hours

  • Facilitation & Processing in AT: 17 hrs.
  • Organizational & Administrative Policies in AT: 4.5 hrs.
  • Conceptual Knowledge of AT: 5 hrs.
  • Therapeutic Alliance Building in AT: 2 hrs.
  • Assessment in AT: 3.5 hrs.
  • Adventure Therapy Interventions: 17.5 hrs.
  • Therapeutic Monitoring in AT: 1.5 hrs.
  • Adventure Therapy Documentation: 2 hrs.
  • Professionalism in AT: 5 hrs.
  • Socio-Cultural / Environmental Considerations in AT: 2 hrs.

Course Format

  • This course is presented as a hybrid - live webinar, asynchronous video, in-person training
  • Video recorded on: 06/03/2021


If accommodations are requested for this course, please submit requests to [email protected]