5. Emergency Response in Adventure Therapy

In both clinical and adventure pursuits, we have a central responsibility to be prepared to assist our clients in emergency situations. Our legal duty of care also dictates that we plan ahead and prepare for responding to medical and clinical emergencies that may occur while engaged in adventure activities. This training will cover aspects of emergency response including reviewing our duty of care, options for medical training for providers, and development of emergency action plans. 

Kim · January 5, 2021

Release Date: April 2

Time: 2 hrs

Instructor: Kim Sacksteder

Content Outline:

  • Duty of care for responding in emergencies
  • Types of emergencies
    • Clinical and/or medical
  • Emergency action plans
    • Crafting emergency action plans
    • Medical training for providers
    • Interface with governmental agencies (EMS, police, land management agencies)
    • Ensuring needed logistical support (adequately informed/trained clients and providers)
    • Serious incident protocols

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