1. Defining Your Mission and Understanding AT Ethics

This training will explore steps you can take to develop your adventure therapy practice through focusing in on your purpose, population, and direction for client work. Material covered will include assessing your current practice, determining where you want to go, undergoing a gap analysis, and developing a logic model for your practice. This is followed up with an exploration of the ethical considerations for providing adventure therapy - clinical, adventure and environmental. Ensure your practice develops in the right direction for you and your clients with this program development training!

Kim · February 3, 2021

AT Administration Series #1: Defining Your Mission and Understanding the Ethics 

Release Date: February 5, 2021

Time: 2 hrs

Instructor: Kim Sacksteder

Content Outline:

  • Defining the mission/purpose of your AT practice
    • Define mission/purpose
    • Define population
  • Developing your strategic plan
    • Assessment of where you are currently
    • Vision for where you want to go
    • Gap analysis to solidify action plan
    • Logic model for practice
  • Understanding the ethics of providing AT
    • Clinical ethics for AT
    • Environmental ethics for AT

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  1. Kim, I just now found the “download button” under the videos. I was able to do it for this 3rd training but would like to download the PDFs for Trainings 1 and 2. Is that possible? Or can they be emailed if my trainings are already marked complete (which they are) and I cannot re-enter?

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