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1. Defining Your Mission and Understanding AT Ethics

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AT Administration Series #1: Defining Your Mission and Understanding the Ethics 

Release Date: February 5, 2021

Time: 2 hrs

Instructor: Kim Sacksteder

Content Outline:

  • Defining the mission/purpose of your AT practice
    • Define mission/purpose
    • Define population
  • Developing your strategic plan
    • Assessment of where you are currently
    • Vision for where you want to go
    • Gap analysis to solidify action plan
    • Logic model for practice
  • Understanding the ethics of providing AT
    • Clinical ethics for AT
    • Environmental ethics for AT

2 thoughts on “1. Defining Your Mission and Understanding AT Ethics

  1. Kim, I just now found the “download button” under the videos. I was able to do it for this 3rd training but would like to download the PDFs for Trainings 1 and 2. Is that possible? Or can they be emailed if my trainings are already marked complete (which they are) and I cannot re-enter?

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