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Introduction to Adventure Therapy

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About Course

Adventure Therapy is a modality of therapy that engages clients in the therapeutic process through the intentional use of adventure activities and initiatives.  Adventure Therapy is an essential tool for strengthening rapport, building engagement in the therapeutic process and helping clients develop deeper self-awareness and insight. Adventure Therapists are rewarded with a tremendous sense of fulfillment, excitement and enjoyment.  

This online course will cover the information necessary to get you started in this field! We will review the core theories of experiential education and Adventure Therapy models. We will review clinical topics such as assessment in Adventure Therapy, adapting activities to match client goals, facilitation strategies and approaches, how to process Adventure Therapy activities, sequencing activities, and encouraging transfer of learning. Finally we will discuss what steps new Adventure Therapists should take to begin integrating Adventure Therapy into their work with clients.  

This online course will be delivered through pre-recorded (asynchronous) lessons. Students can also opt to purchase access to weekly class meetings and gain access to the cohort learning group. This option creates a more social learning experience, and allows students more ways to engage with the content and the cohort including: group messaging, forums, private group space and four one-hour synchronous video meetings. These live class meetings will allow students to engage in experiential activities, group discussion, question and answer sessions and team building that bring the course content to life.  

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand foundational theories and concepts of adventure therapy.
  • Gain tools for experiential assessment strategies.
  • Know how to select interventions and match them for clinical intent.
  • Gain awareness about practical aspects of incorporating adventure therapy into your practice.

Course Content

Welcome to the Course!
Let's start of by showing you around, making some introductions and getting to know each other!

  • Meet Your Instructor
  • Meet Your Class

Adventure Therapy Foundations
We'll start with the basics and orient you to what Adventure Therapy is and why you might consider using it in your work with clients.

Adventure Therapy Models
Let's talk about some of the models and theories that inform Adventure Therapy. Most notably, we will talk about the Facilitated Wave Model, CHANGES, and Transfer of Learning.

Who Showed Up? Assessment and Activity Selection
How we intentionally select activities and interventions depends on what we assess about our clients. In this section, we'll talk all about this process.

Facilitating the Adventure
Once we have selected our interventions, we need to help our clients create meaning and connect it back to their treatment goal! This section covers the strategies we use to help this process unfold through the activity.

Integrating AT into your Practice: Next Steps
Now that you have an understanding of Adventure Therapy, it's time to take those next steps and get started... But how?

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The course was informative.