Next Steps: Enhancing Walk and Talk Sessions

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Have you wondered how to take your walk and talk interventions to the next level? This webinar focuses on how to enhance your walk and talk sessions with clinical intention and creative approaches! We will explore the clinical application of walking and engaging in outdoor spaces. 

Course Outline

  • Foundations of Walk and Talk
  • Connecting Clinical Intention
  • Methods for Enhance the Use of Walk and Talk Interventions
  • Application in Your Clinical Practice

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It provided an overview of how to incorporate walk and talk therapy intentionally.


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Target Audience

  • This webinar is designed for therapists who are using walk and talk interventions and want to explore and clarify the clinical use of this intervention.

Learning Objectives

  • Clarify the clinical use of walk and talk interventions in mental health therapy.
  • Know a number of methods for enhancing walk and talk interventions.
  • Identify specific ways to implement walk and talk interventions in practice.


  • 1.0 hours of CCAT credit are offered upon completion of the full course and evaluation. Evaluations are completed as a lesson at the end of each course. Completion of the evaluation is required to be issued a certificate. The certificate will be available for download upon marking each lesson complete, completion of the evaluation, then marking the course complete.

CCAT Hours

  • Adventure Therapy Interventions: 1 hrs.

Course Format

  • This course is presented as a pre-recorded, asynchronous video


If accommodations are requested for this course, please submit requests to [email protected]