A-T PRO Teams

$44.00 per member / month

Get A-T PRO membership for all of your team mates!  Manage team access and billing from one spot!

Number of Seats:


Get the Awesomeness of A-T PRO for your whole team!

All of the awesome support of A-T PRO membership, but with a simplified organizational account.  Sign up as a team, and ensure that your team members have the resources they need to thrive:

  • Group Consultation
  • Group Supervision
  • Monthly Webinar
  • Resource Library
  • Online Community
  • …And Other Fun!

Why sign up as an A-T PRO team?

  • Simplified Billing Process
  • Add / Remove Users from your team
  • Only pay for the number of seats you need
  • Get a 10% Discount on membership rates!
  • … And other customizable support for your team.