Talking About AT: Getting Clients and Administrators On Board with AT Services


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One of our key tasks as an Adventure Therapy practitioner is to explain AT to clients, administrators, and other partners effectively. Initially, it can be difficult to find the language to help others understand what this intervention is all about. We begin by honing in on your definition of AT and then we explore considerations for the optimum ways to engage others in the process. This webinar will focus on supporting you in developing an approach that will help others get on board!

Course Outline

  • Describing Adventure Therapy
    • How do you define adventure therapy?
    • What is your theory of change?
  • Relationship Development
    • Administrators, clients, and partners
    • Assessing
    • Sequencing
  • Developing Your Script
    • Benefits and Risks
    • Case Example
  • Application
    • Small Group Breakouts

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