“Building a Bigger Boat”


What an amazing time it is to be an Adventure Therapist!  It is truly incredible to look around our field and see so many efforts coming together to make AT better.  Research is pushing (or maybe pulling) us forward, we have an insurance billing code, books are being written, certification has a ton of momentum and now… WE HAVE A BLOG!

Okay, Okay, so maybe the existence of a blog on adventure therapy doesn’t change things too much (yet), but here’s the reality:  People are starting to learn about the world differently.  Think about it… Who was that actor, he was in the movie about space and explosions, maybe there were aliens… Go to the ‘answer box!’  How do I make a cheesecake to surprise that special someone?  Go to the ‘answer box!’

My hope in putting this together is that it begins to be a bit of an ‘answer box’ for all things Adventure Therapy!  A place for discussion, new ideas, new games, lifestyle, philosophy, training, resources and community.

Finally, my ultimate hope is that this becomes a resource for new and budding adventure therapists to learn, grow and connect.  What could be better welcoming new folks into this awesome field and building a bigger boat?

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